#An American Sentence

Inspired by http://skepticskaddish.com/2021/10/31/doings-or-beings/

The essence of me is a hall of mirrors, endlessly reflecting.

I am very new to blogging and have to say that I’m very chuffed with myself for linking a post. (Well I hope I have 🤣). I apologise if I haven’t got it right!

I am really enjoying the poetry challenges set by other bloggers or being inspired by their posts. I’m also really enjoying the challenge of following poetic forms.

An Ode to Alcohol

Oh alcohol oh alcohol

Sometimes you’re my best friend

Seemingly without end

You fill me with swagger

Without you, confidence and

conversation would be naught.

I know I love you, more than I ought.

I love you in the afternoon, evening, and the night. But sometimes in the morning it just doesn’t feel right.

Beer, shorts and classy wines, seductive curves and smooth caress your shape is without equal.

I couldn’t face those people, without you in your dress. It’s such a shame you contribute to cancer and the rest.

But alcohol, oh alcohol, my lovely social oil do not dessert me as I grow and shrivel.

Without you there’s only more drivel.